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The Invest With Clarity® Podcast provides investors with the insight needed to rise above the noise and confusion of the financial media’s sensationalized coverage and free them from their Addiction to Prediction®.

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  • Episode 67. Knowing What You Own and Why You Own It: Confidence, Conviction, and Consistency With Chuck Etzweiler September 15, 2021
    Investing with clarity is all about mastering the 3 Cs: Confidence, Conviction, and Consistency.   In part three of this five-part miniseries, Mark Pearson is back with Chuck Etzweiler, senior vice president of Nepsis®, to challenge different investment dogmas that distract most investors from their long-term financial goals. They also share Nepsis’s unconventional, but powerful, […]
    Mark Pearson
  • 66. Knowing What You Own and Why You Own It: Eradicating the Fear From Process With Chuck Etzweiler September 1, 2021
    Fear is the antithesis of clarity.  An emotion that one should not have in the investment process.  In part two of this five-part miniseries, Mark Pearson speaks with Chuck Etzweiler, senior vice president of Nepsis, Inc, to help investors and business owners understand the emotion of fear and how to overcome it with optimal clarity.  […]
    Mark Pearson
  • 65. Knowing What You Own and Why You Own It: It’s All About Eradicating Emotion With Chuck Etzweiler July 28, 2021
    Knowing what you own and why you own it is an ideal that helps investors to avoid acting emotionally and irrationally.  You don't have to get deep into the weeds to grasp what you own and why you own it, but there is a framework to use and understand. There are also psychological components to […]
    Mark Pearson
  • Episode 64 - Attacking the Idea of What Is Value May 19, 2021
    What is value? In this episode, Mark Pearson explores the concept of value, sharing his thoughts and educating us on the two distinct meanings of value and how they apply and impact our economy. In this episode, you’ll learn: The two different meanings of value Why we are seeing a dichotomy between performance and the […]
    Mark Pearson
  • Episode 63 - The Cloud Around the Modern Portfolio Theory March 31, 2021
    Will the modern portfolio theory fail present-day investors?  Find out in this episode as Mark Pearson explains the foundations of the modern portfolio theory (MPT) and why much of what he believes conflicts with the majority of investors! In this episode, you’ll learn: The definition of modern portfolio theory Why you want to have an […]
    Mark Pearson
  • Episode 62 - 20 Stock Market Predictions for the 2020s, Part 2 March 17, 2021
    Like all people, investors tend to be drawn to predictions — especially those that play into our natural fear of the unknown.  How might Mark Pearson’s predictions help shine a light on the unknown that lays ahead of us in the coming decade? Find out in this episode, as Mark continues his list of stock […]
    Mark Pearson
  • Episode 61 - 20 Stock Market Predictions for the 2020s, Part 1 January 20, 2021
    The time for our annual market predictions has come once again!  This year, we’re not only covering what we might see this year, but also sharing predictions for the entire coming decade. In this episode, join Mark Pearson as he shares the first ten of his twenty top stock market predictions for the coming decade. […]
    Mark Pearson
  • Episode 60 — A Look Back At 2020 December 30, 2020
    As the year comes to an end, Mark Pearson takes us back on a journey throughout 2020 and overviews investing losses and opportunities that have occurred during the pandemic. He shares his expertise and optimistic outlook with investors and advisors on how to make more successful market decisions.    In this episode, you’ll learn:   […]
    Mark Pearson
  • Episode 59 — The Alpha and The Beta October 10, 2020
    Mark Pearson believes that the more educated you are about your investments, the better your investment decisions will be.   To help you better understand key investing concepts, Mark Pearson explores two essential investing terms in today’s episode: alpha and beta. Join Mark as he walks you through these terms and how they correlate with […]
    Mark Pearson
  • Episode 58 - What is the Secret Behind Progress? September 9, 2020
    Investors, you have heard Mark Pearson emphasise the importance of investing with clarity. But do you know the secret behind attaining progress with your investments? It all comes down to one thing: your process. In this episode, Mark unpacks his trademarked phrase, “process before progress.” He explains how investing with clarity helps you stick to […]
    Mark Pearson

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