Process Before

Discover the Four Keys to Investing With Clarity® and find the freedom to accomplish your long-term goals.

Our Investment Process

For over 25 years, we’ve helped clients find the freedom to accomplish their long-term goals with one simple idea— and that’s Process before Progress®.

The 4 Keys to Investing Success®

Philosophy Strategy Flexibility Transparency®

Investment Philosophy

Investors should invest like they are business owners – knowing what they own and why they own it. We believe in diversification, but not over-diversification, as you often find with mutual funds and ETFs. We also believe that volatility creates opportunity and is needed for long-term investment success.

Investment Strategy

We utilize fundamental analysis, not market timing, and we invest in both secular and cyclical trends. Our portfolios consist of roughly 25-40 companies, allowing our research team to be selective.


We leverage Strategic Cost Averaging®, an investment strategy that invests unequal monetary amounts timed to specific market and/or company events, which provide an opportunity to an investor to purchase additional shares of a company over time.


Our clients can see all of the activity in their accounts, and we have committed relationships with multiple custodians that oversee our clients’ investments and assets.

"It's process before progress®."

- Mark Pearson

Portfolio Personalization

Our portfolios can be modified to best align to our clients’ particular investment restrictions or guidelines. At Nepsis®, we have five investment allocations:

Growth Income
Income Growth

Please note, these allocations are subject to adjustments based on market conditions.

Sell Discipline

Every position in our portfolios is owned for a specific reason. Equally, when positions or businesses we own are sold, it is also for specific reasons. We have four distinct sell disciplines we adhere to:

  1. Fundamentals of the business or the sector have changed.
  2. A perceived (potentially) better opportunity has arisen.
  3. Selling a portion of a position to lock in profit or bring portfolio back to appropriate allocation balance.
  4. Tax Management – Tax-loss harvesting for offsetting future gains or current gains.


Research with Clarity®

Our proprietary financial research services focus on more than just fundamental and technical analysis. We take the extra steps needed to examine money manager pitfalls, investor short-comings and repetitive behavioral biases that detract investors from earning optimal returns. Why? Because we believe many investors are their own worst enemy, as their decision making is rooted in emotion rather than empirical data and historical precedence. It’s our job and mission to change the investing world one investor at a time, and to accomplish that, we need to understand their motivation.

When markets temporarily drop, investors who rely on emotion tend to sell perfectly sound businesses at low prices to buyers who desire to purchase companies at discounted valuations. Our financial research services and series of proprietary behavioral indicators grant us access to insight and clarity as to how we can best leverage the mistakes others make at key points in time.

Our goal is to capitalize on these shortcomings to benefit our clients who have thrown off the constraints of their fear, greed and biases and found Investing with Clarity®.


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