Do You Know the
Businesses You Own
In Your Portfolio?

Clarity starts with knowing what you own and understanding the reasons you own those businesses in the first place.

Know what you own and why

Investors today are inundated with all kinds of investment choices… from ETFs to Mutual Funds to Funds of Funds. It’s no wonder so many investors don’t know what businesses they own in their portfolios. As a result, they do not see themselves as owners in businesses and therefore do not make decisions with the knowledge or conviction needed to be successful. They lack the ability to Invest with Clarity®.

What is Investing with Clarity®?

Conviction of Ownership

Clarity is driven by a clear understanding of what you own in your portfolio and the reasons you own those businesses in the first place. By viewing your portfolio as owning a collection of high quality businesses versus owning stocks, investors develop the conviction and confidence needed to take advantage of opportunities while others make decisions based on emotions.

Understanding Biases

Clarity helps investors rise above their personal biases and fears and learn how to avoid the common mistakes most investors face. By going beyond emotions, such as fear or greed, clarity helps you recognize poor investing habits based on behavior science research — such as today’s obsession with the financial news media’s sensationalized coverage of the markets. We call it, Addiction to Prediction®.

Visibility & Transparency

Clarity is having complete visibility into your investments, risks and fees —as well as the progress being made towards your goals. It is crucial to understanding what you own, as well as to creating better wealth for a better life. All Nepsis® clients see all of the activity in their accounts and can stay as informed as their personal circumstances and preferences dictate.

Freedom From Doubt

“Comparison is the thief of all joy”, President Theodore Roosevelt once proclaimed, and we wholeheartedly agree. Clarity frees investors from feeling the need to compare their portfolio’s performance with benchmarks and other gauges that are not appropriate. Find the freedom to focus on your goals, rather than suffer with doubt. Clarity is the answer, “it’s priceless” and we exist to help investors obtain its benefits.

"You can't put a dollar value on Clarity."

- Mark Pearson

Addiction to Prediction®
Helping Investors Avoid Investment Mistakes & Misconceptions

Today’s investors need clarity in their investing, financial planning and estate planning more than ever. Our Addiction to Prediction® process provides the discipline, research, advice and insight needed to break through the barriers that inhibit investors. As a result, investors can come to understand their investment portfolios in a whole new light and Invest With Clarity®.

Investors tend to be their own worst enemy – but this is not entirely their fault. The financial media and Wall Street analysts bombard the public with sensational and fear-based news, and many financial services firms fail to better inform and educate their clients. As a result, investors are left without the guidance they need to make the informed decisions required to accomplish their long-term goals.

The Dalbar Study findings repeatedly demonstrate the fact that investors sell at the lows and buy at the highs. Through the Addiction to Prediction® process, we take the time to help clients understand what they own and why they own it, as well as debunk the investing misconception plaguing today’s investors. Here are a few of the common mistakes and misconceptions that we see:

Chasing Historical Performance

Past performance does not guarantee future results. Yet, it is used to justify picking an investment. You put yourself at a disadvantage when you don’t understand how historical returns were achieved and expect the same outcome in the future.

Comparing Your Portfolio to an Index or a Benchmark

Portfolio comparison is “the thief of all joy”. If you don’t understand how benchmarks are structured, how their returns are calculated and that it’s not an ”apples to apples” comparison, you put yourself at an investing disadvantage when you compare your portfolio to an index or benchmark

Your Portfolio is Invested in the "Stock Market"

You don’t invest in the stock market. You invest in businesses. The stock market is nothing more than the greatest tool ever created to bring buyers and sellers of businesses together.

When a Stock Price Goes Down, You Lose Money

You don’t lose money until you sell your business. Volatility in businesses should be viewed as an opportunity to invest more into great businesses while they are on sale.


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