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The Delusion of Passive Investing

The word delusion carries with it several meanings, all of which are not very complimentary. According to the online version of the Oxford Dictionary and we quote: delusion de•lu•sion– noun “a false belief or judgement

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Could It Really Be Different This Time?

Just like serious golfers cringe at the five words, “You are not there yet.”, investment portfolio managers are careful not to utter the worst five words in their profession, “Things are different this time!”

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All Gain, No Pain

The inverse of the famous saying “No Pain…No Gain” which was used by many exercise gurus in the 1980s best epitomizes a stock market that climbs the wall of worry with minimal pullbacks. According to

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Mommy, Read Me A Bedtime Story

Anyone who has raised children remembers one of the biggest struggles is trying to appease a toddler who suffers from nighttime anxiety. Once children get hooked, they beg their parents to keep reading and reading.

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