Nepsis Clarity Roadmap<sup>®</sup>

You need a comprehensive plan, a detailed process for following that plan and guidance from a trusted professional. The Clarity Roadmap® proprietary planning process is the solution.

Why Investors Should Not Follow Indexes


All indexes are not created equal. Most advisors and many astute clients are aware of the fact that over the last twenty years, equity mutual fund investors have not only failed to beat the market as defined by the S&P 500 but their fund managers have also trailed their chosen benchmark.

Comparison is the Thief of All Joy

Constantly reminding ourselves that comparison in those areas will only discourage us from moving forward with our own life’s goals is a must if one desires to reach a state of Clarity.

The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself

This timeless quote delivered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his first inauguration speech at the depths of the Great Depression was made not to placate or appease us. It was a rallying cry used to set an agenda as to how we as a country were to respond to what at the time was the worst economic crisis we had ever faced.

Investing for Success

There have been many studies, theorists and practitioners who have believed they have found the answer. The simple truth however, is that the market is such a complex and volatile system that no investor is capable of beating it entirely. However, there are a number of principles that have proven through time to be effective at guiding successful investment decisions.

Addiction to Prediction®

Investors, like all people, are drawn to predictions; especially those that play to our natural fears of the unknown. Many of these portents and projections are intentionally constructed in a storytelling format designed to alleviate our anxiety over being uncertain.

3 Easy Ways to Stop Making Mistakes and Start Investing Like a Business Owner

Many of today’s investors have lost their way when it comes to having an ownership perspective on their investments. Additionally, they lack interest in having clarity in their investment approach. We believe that today’s investors should stop making these emotional mistakes and start viewing their investment portfolios like business owners view their companies.

5 Dreadful C’s of Mutual Fund Investing

5 Dreadful C's of Mutual Fund Investing

If one were in the banking industry the 5 C’s (Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral and Conditions) would actually have a positive connotation, as they encompass what defines a worthy borrower.

Invest with Clarity<sup>®</sup>

Invest with Clarity

What do I own? Why do I own it? What’s my investment strategy? Can I evaluate and adjust my portfolio? Can I reach my investment goals?

Working with Us

For over 30 years, we’ve helped clients find the freedom to accomplish their long-term goals with one simple idea— and that’s Process before Progress™.

Our Sell Discipline

Our Sell Discipline

Every position in our portfolios is owned for a specific reason. Equally, when positions or businesses we own are sold, it is also for specific reasons. We have four distinct sell disciplines we adhere to.