Lifting Weights While We W.A.I.T.

Lifting Weights While We W.A.I.T.

As Americans, we find it very difficult to wait for anything – let alone for the days of positive equity markets to return once again. So, when we are asked to wait, two questions arise: “What are we waiting for?” and “What do we do while we are waiting?”

Americans See $5 Trillion Disappear In Stock Market Crash

Chuck Etzweiler offers historical perspective on the current market situation. Comparing this downturn to 1994 when the Federal Reserve implemented multiple rate hikes to ward off inflation, Etzweiler suggested “If this Powell-led Fed can engineer a soft landing we could see a similar set of years following 2022 that reward investors for sticking to their plan.”

The Delusion of Passive Investing

The word delusion carries with it several meanings, all of which are not very complimentary. According to the online version of the Oxford Dictionary and we quote: delusion de•lu•sion– noun “a false belief or judgement about external reality, held despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrarySynonyms – misleading, deluding and deception. To accuse our industry of […]

Could It Really Be Different This Time?

Just like serious golfers cringe at the five words, “You are not there yet.”, investment portfolio managers are careful not to utter the worst five words in their profession, “Things are different this time!”

All Gain, No Pain

The inverse of the famous saying “No Pain…No Gain” which was used by many exercise gurus in the 1980s best epitomizes a stock market that climbs the wall of worry with minimal pullbacks. According to the great research folks at Bespoke, the year 2021 may just go down in the record books as one of […]

Mommy, Read Me A Bedtime Story

Anyone who has raised children remembers one of the biggest struggles is trying to appease a toddler who suffers from nighttime anxiety. Once children get hooked, they beg their parents to keep reading and reading. This is key in that not only is it a way to appease children’s fears, but it also gets youngsters […]

Inflation Nation or the Roaring 20’s Redux?

As we sit halfway through 2021, the official first year of the 2020s, we try to determine whether the decade of the 2020s usher in the redux of the Foxtrot Dance popularized in the 1920s or the dance known as the Hustle which exemplified the 1970s?

Our 2021 V.A.L.U.E. Theme on Track to Date

Our 2021 V.A.L.U.E. Theme on Track to Date

As many of you know, in an attempt to better explain the construction of our portfolio models for a given forthcoming calendar year, we develop an acronym that describes various “sub-themes” that need to play out for our thesis to come to fruition.

Ides of March

Ides of March

As we transition our thoughts as expressed above in the lead article regarding our V.A.L.U.E. Theme for the year 2021, we take a very intriguing look at the Roman calendar.

The Vatican Mandate, SMAs and ESG Investing – ValueWalk

In light of the Pope’s recent call for Catholics to divest from entities that perpetuate climate change, Chuck Etzweiler gives his two cents on how SMA’s “ability to customize investor portfolios allowing for greater flexibility and transparency”…