Luke Tousley

Luke Tousley

Vice President of Networking


Luke is a driven networker and has a passion for connecting with people. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs he has always had an entrepreneurial mindset and loves to help businesses grow. He has started multiple businesses and has been working in Real Estate for the last 8 years. Luke loves to host events and is passionate about helping people Invest With Clarity® and understand the best way to invest at a young age.

Luke has a passion for sharing the Nepsis® story with Advisors around the country and helping them share the message with their clients. Nepsis, Inc.’s unique approach allows Luke to share a competitive advantage with the advisors that empowers them to grow their business and better assist and network with their clients in achieving their life visions and investment goals.

Aside from his professional and networking life, Luke is a family-oriented guy who enjoys spending time with his family members and close friends. He comes from a large family and has 6 siblings. Luke has a love for wine, golf, and being on the lake in the summer. He has been a volunteer youth leader in the church he has attended for the last 9 years. He has kept his love of baseball and golf, and would gladly indulge you in his love for the Minnesota Twins and all things Minnesota Lake life.

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